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Santa Schutze, Checking His List Twice, Wonders If DART's Been Naughty or Nice?

Shipped off a little Christmas Eve bundle to DART legal affairs this afternoon -- the letter's after the jump. What we are looking for: How many, if any, of Mayor Tom Leppert’s political team received lucrative DART contracts. I await DART’s response, as always, with breath both bated and baited. And God bless us, every one -- some, more than others? --Jim Schutze

From: Jim Schutze

Hyattye O. Simmons, General Counsel DART 1401 Pacific Avenue Box 660163 Dallas, TX 75266

Via fax at 214 749 3660 and by regular mail


Dear Mr. Simmons:

This request is made under the Texas Public Information Act, Chapter 552, Texas Government Code, which guarantees the public's access to information in the custody of governmental agencies.

I demand access to the following information:

2006 and 2007 MWBE/DBE Report, projected and actual (include listing of all vendors and amounts).

List of all 3rd tier known MWBE/DBE firms on any contract or subcontract with DART.

List of all contracts with Wai-Wize, JBJ Marketing, Carcon Construction, Triune Construction, UBS, Lazo Technology and Dikita Engineering. Date, scope and amounts for all of the above.

All audits of project Management Department of DART from 1/2005 to present.

In the interest of expediency, I would be pleased to personally examine the relevant records.

Please communicate with me by telephone rather than by mail. My telephone number is: 214 757 8460.

Disclosure of this information is in the public interest because providing a copy of the information primarily benefits the general public. I therefore demand a waiver of all fees and charges pursuant to Section 552.267 of the act.


Jim Schutze jim.schutze@dallasoserver.com

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.