Satanic Grandpas and Sex on Top of Dead Bodies? We're So There.

Tonight of all nights, you must not succumb to the show-us-your-tits costume contests being thrown in bar rooms and frat parties across the DFW. We won’t have it. Instead you have to get thine bedazzled and unrecognizable ass up the stairs of The Cavern for a Horror Remix Double Feature.

E.J. Anttila -- responsible for the artwork gracing the cover of Sean Kirkpatrick’s new release and, obviously, a horror buff -- is the master of taking out-of-print, cheesy, campy, garish, crazy, what-is-that? awesome horror flicks from the ’80s and condensing them to approximately 30 minutes' worth of essential B-movie experience. But that's not all: Anttila has described it as “Post Punk, New Wave and goth, juxtaposed over ridiculous slasher clips.” And if that’s not enough to sway you from the scenes overrun by store-bought French maid costumes, we don’t know what is.

Wednesday features two offerings from 1988: Hack-O-Lantern and Night of the Demons (which Anttila credits as one of the last good horror flicks of its decade). Anttila does a far better job of describing the flicks than we could, ’cause, well, he’s seen them, so check out this blog entry for the lowdown and some laughs. (“Do you want a satanic grandpa? Yes. Sex on top of a dead body? Really?!”) Be there at 10 p.m. First flick’s at 10:30. Trick or treat, Friends. --Merritt Martin

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Robert Wilonsky
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