Scenes from the Westboro Counter-Protest

Elliot Kaiser and Danny Hurley are out covering the Westboro Baptist Church's protests today, and Danny sends back two quickie photos from the first stop at the Dallas Holocaust Museum downtown, where some two dozen members of the Phelps clan were greeted by what Danny guesstimates were 75 counter-protesters. They're presently at the Jewish Community Center, though not near the entrance -- good thing too, as summer camp's letting out, and I hate having to explain those signs to my 6-year-old. More to come, including a better look at the "Jesus Built My Hotrod" sign. I want one.

And, this just in from a Friend of Unfair Park:

I took my 7-year-old to the J for her first protest/counter-protest march. She summed it thusly: "I want to hold a sign that says 'This is boring.'"

She doesn't understand the larger issues of free speech vs. hate speech or gay rights or religious freedoms or crazy people doing crazy things. But, yeah, it was boring.

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