Schutze Bawk-Bawks at Houseguest

Schutze Bawk-Bawks at Houseguest

Lori Stahl, over on The News's Park Cities Blog, is making light of a serious situation in my home. My wife got talked into bringing a lost chicken into the house this week. You could talk her into rescuing anything. She's never come home with a lost gorilla (and I knock wood), but we've had everything else.

I did not know until I read the Park Cities blog that this is a chicken from a rich neighborhood. That just makes the whole thing worse. It's sitting in a steel cage in the middle of our kitchen. The thing is the size of a feral hog. You stick your hand in there, you're going to come up missing a pinkie. Also, when it flaps its wings it showers us with chicken offal. I think I got some in my mouth last night.

Why do we have to take care of the chickens of the rich?

If anybody recognizes this chicken, please leave a comment here. About one more day of this, and I'm off to the Days Inn Suites. Cable TV, Internet and no livestock.


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