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Schutze is Getting Truck-ulent Over Trinity River Toll Road. Heh.

The absolute deal-breaker on the Trinity River toll road should be the news that the city now plans to allow truck traffic on it, in spite of seven years of promises to the contrary. And let us not forget that the pro-toll road side in the upcoming referendum is being bankrolled by the trucking interests associated with the huge new rail-yard developments in southern Dallas.

The city wants to bring MORE trucks into downtown? Are you kidding me?

Take a gander at the lead story in USA Today today: “States restrict truck traffic.” Take a look at the “congestion pricing" movement across the country, in which cities such as New York are trying to force trucks out of their centers by making them pay a drive-though fee.

Nobody -- no city in its right mind -- is building new downtown highways to draw more truck traffic into the center city.

This is really a scandal. It’s still amazing to me that The Dallas Morning News, in all of its droning volumes of puffery in support of this toll road, has never bothered to report the trucks-on-the-toll-road issue.

And those JPI apartment people who are pouring money into the pro-toll road campaign so they can have trucks roaring by all of their new apartments down by the river? They’re just idiots. Want to know what JPI apartment life will be like down there by the truck route? Jut look on Nick at Night for Jackie Gleason’s apartment in The Honeymooners. --Jim Schutze

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