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Schutze is Shocked, Shocked!

Mayor Tom Leppert, pictured here, spoke today at a media briefing concerning the Trinity toll road.
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Jim Schutze is in the car and on the phone, heading north -- to Oklahoma, most likely, where he likes to gamble with the missus' paycheck. Stuck in traffic, he phones in with this report from today's Vote NO! Save The Trinity circle jerk at the Hilton Anatole, attended by Mayor Tom, John Wiley Price, Royce West, Lee Jackson and "lesser-known persons," sayeth Schutze.

Jim's going to write more about this (no, ya think?), but he's outraged -- "and shocked, shocked," he'll tell you. So he called in to say, "They showed the road built into the levees and, in some places, on top of the levees, and that's just a flat deception."

More from Mr. Jim after the jump.

"The séance took place in the appropriately named Nana -- and it would have been more appropriate only if the place was named Nyah-Nyah," Jim says, laughing himself straight onto the service road. Among the media attendees, Jim says: "six bewildered television reporters, Dave Levinthal and Sam Merten ... and, oh, wait, I forgot, Tim Rogers and Zac Crain, sitting way in the back with the kitchen staff." He also noted that Dallas County Judge Jim Foster, a late arrival, wound up sitting with the press "by accident -- and he spent most of the time staring out the window."

Jim says ringleader Leppert presented "fraudulent animations of the project." As in:"Both animations were flyovers forcing you to look to the left as you fly, so you can only see the road, which is on the right-hand side, out of the extreme corner of your right eyeball, if that makes sense. And Leppert would continually say, during his own voice-over, 'See, you can hardly see the road.'" Again, you should hear Jim laughing.

"I had to leave before it was over," says Dr. Schutze, "but all the literature refers to the entire referendum effort as the 'Angela Hunt Plan.' Did I not predict this? I was extremely hurt it did not refer to it as the 'Angela Hunt-Jim Schutze Plan.'"

Also noted: When Jim was trying to get out of paying the parking-lot attendant the seven bucks necessary for exiting, nowhere on her list of scheduled events did she see the words "Trinity" anything. "Then I told her it was in Nana," Jim says, "and she found it immediately -- under 'Crow Holdings event.'" Methinks Jim just totaled his Hyundai. --Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.