Schutze on the Street (View)

Schutze on the Street (View)

O.K., the first of two self-referential familial blog item of the day. I am looking at my own street with Google Maps Street View, the way everybody told me to. I see my own house. Wow. I see my own car. Wow. I click on the arrow and go on down the street.

I turn the corner on Glendale, and …. WOW! I see MYSELF! I’m in Google maps! WOW!

I am walking my poor old Wiener-mat dog, Otto, and my son’s fat little terrier, Skeeter, and I have stopped to have a chat with my neighbor, Jordan Kaiser, who has pulled up to the curb in his car. I zoom in a little closer. Yup. Those are my dogs. That’s Jordan’s car. I look at myself. And I think, “You know, I’m really in a lot better shape than I give myself credit for. I’m actually kinda buff. And my hair looks great! Like it grew back or something. Carol Reed’s not the only one in town with sumphin’ to show.”

I zoom in a little more to admire myself. Waaaaaaait a minute! I zoom in all the way. That’s not me.

It’s my son!


The thrill, the suspense, the heartbreak of Google Maps. --Jim Schutze

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