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Schutze Tickles Everything But the Ivories

Seriously, wasn't Jack Pierce the name of a popular local band in the early 1990s? Three people get that joke.

If you happen to hear the new anti-Ed Oakley ad on the radio, featuring the guy I wrote about a couple weeks go whose land was almost zoned out from under him by the city council, I want you to know that the rumors are not true: I am not the guy playing the sad piano in the background. I do not know how to play the piano. I do not have a piano. I have never played the piano for a Tom Leppert ad.

The ad features Jack Pierce, proprietor of Hollywood Door, a small factory at Walnut Hill and White Rock Trail in Lake Highland. I wrote about him after Councilman Bill Blaydes tried to screw him out his property with a zoning trick.

The radio ad is supposed to be up now or soon on kRLD-AM, WBAP-AM and a few others, according to Leppert’s campaignmeister, Carol Reed. It sorta, maybe stretches things a tad, since Jack Pierce’s real enemy was Blaydes. Oakley wound up voting for Pierce, against Blaydes.

But Oakley did weasle around about it a fantastic amount before he saw which the way was blowing. Speaking down to Pierce from the council horseshoe, he tried to talk Pierce into a “deal” that sounded like a cross between a Hawaiian time-share and a Tupperware Party. Then he voted for him. Then he went out into the audience and whispered to him that he was probably lucky he hadn’t agreed to the deal.

So, you know, first Pierce backs slowly out of the council chamber smiling and making the sign of the cross with his index fingers. He goes home and takes a real long shower with lotsa soap. And then he tapes a little radio ad for Leppert -- exactly what Oakley deserved.

Give a listen. It is not me on the piano, damn it. --Jim Schutze

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