Scott Cannon III, Duncanville Councilman, Arrested for Exposing Himself at the King Spa

Update: Cannon has resigned. More after the original story.

Original item: The folks from the Dallas Police vice squad had an interesting Thursday, going undercover at the apparently lovably bizarre King Spa and Sauna. And they netted themselves an interesting fish: Scott Cannon III, a longtime Duncanville city councilman with a history of letting it fly.

Police announced today that Cannon, 58, was arrested and charged with Indecent Exposure, a Class B Misdemeanor, after he was "observed engaging in an act that constitutes indecent exposure." He was booked into Lew Sterret jail and is out on bond.

Cannon, who recently filed the paperwork to make another run at city council, has a complicated history with pants. He was arrested and charged with public lewdness twice in the 80s; one of those charges was dismissed, and he pleaded guilty to the other, according to Dallas County court records. (Yep: This is how I spend my Saturdays).

I called the King Spa, to ask how Cannon's exposure managed to, you know, stand out. They asked me to call back. I also have a call into Cannon. I'm thinking about sending a Facebook message, but am admittedly concerned about what he'll send back.

Update: The Morning News reported this evening that Cannon actually resigned from the city council on Friday, the day after his arrest.

His resignation letter was posted on

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