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Over at the self-proclaimed "libertarian-leaning" blog Hammer of Truth--which, again, was my nickname in kindergarten--local contributor Michelle Shinghal complains that Aaron Russo's documentary America: Freedom to Fascism has been "pulled from Dallas Angelika." No doubt, The Man didn't want you to see what this self-proclaimed "startling examination [that] exposes the systematic erosion of civil liberties in America." No doubt, The Man didn't want you to see the movie The New York Times said "begins with an intriguing investigation into the methodology of the I.R.S., then extrapolates its conclusions into a tirade against the Federal Reserve, the Homeland Security Department, Congress, presidents of the United States (all of them), judges (all of them), war, computer voting machines, the national ID card, microchip implants, overzealous police, the banking conspiracy, and so on."

Well, just so happens I was on the phone with Jo Ellen Brantferger, publicist for the Angelika Film Center in Mockingbird Station, when I saw Shinghal's post a little while ago. I get the Angelika's schedule every week and never saw the movie mentioned, but I thought I'd ask anyway: Did the Angelika yank the movie? Brantferger said, in short: Uh, no. She then referred me to Cinema Libre in Los Angeles, which is distributing the movie. The woman who picked up the phone said, "America: Freedom to Fascism actually finishes its theatrical run today. It's not going into Dallas, for sure." And it was never scheduled to, she added. But you can buy a transcript of the movie for $100 off the Web site, because selling a DVD for $15 would make too much sense. Wow, that sounds awesome. --Robert Wilonsky

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