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Sea of Miracles

Whatever it takes: Thank you for covering this incredible effort spearheaded by Dave and Anne Peterson ("Hotel Katrina," by Rick Kennedy, December 1). I was at the hotel for several days of the operation and had the experience of standing in a sea of miracles. As soon as something was wanted, an incoming phone call or truck or van would seemingly materialize with whatever was missing. The story also casts a light on the amazing network of people everywhere just looking for an opportunity to make a difference.

MarySue Foster


Lucky Dallas: Thank you, Rick, for the great story on the Market Center Quality Inn and the accomplishments of Dave and Anne Peterson. Through Landmark Education and their many leadership programs, I have known both Anne and Dave as they began their relationship and have watched both of them grow and develop their skills to make a difference in the world. Dallas is lucky to have these two people at this time and place to cause the miracles that were generated for the hurricane survivors. Bravo.

Joanna Schoettler


Heroic efforts: Thank you for your story regarding the Petersons and their heroic efforts following Katrina. We certainly need more people like Anne and Dave, and I feel lucky to know both of them just a little bit.

At the same time, it takes something to put together a story like the one you've compiled here. Thank you for your work as a reporter. Telling stories like these is important!

Steven Stokes


Changed forever: Thanks for the great article on the hotel. I had the honor and privilege to assist at the hotel, and it was an experience that has forever changed my life. And just an FYI: My daughter's name is Kyleen Edwards, not Kyleen Davidson. She was mentioned in the article.

Maureen Davidson


Editor's note: We apologize for the error.

Pookie's P.O.'d

Don't test me: In response to Sam Machkovech's November 17 remarks (And Another Thing) about Mr. Pookie's "Don't Test Us" single: "Unfortunately, the pseudo-crunk beat and cough syrup-laden slur delivery prove that his rise on Billboard's charts has little to do with the track being any good. Perhaps we're out of the down-Souf loop, but we're waiting for mainstream America to discover the good rappers in Dallas--the ones that know better than to jump on the boring Houston-rap bandwagon."

Thanks for the mention, but yes, Sam, you do seem to be a little out of the down-Souf rap loop, as well as out of the Dallas rap loop, for that matter--but thanks for at least making that acknowledgement. This track sounds very little like what is popular in Houston right now (screwed beats and slurred hooks, see Mike Jones and Bun-B), and crunk is a sound more common in the Southeast. Perhaps you meant to write "Atlanta" instead.

As for the "good rappers in Dallas"--Mr. Pookie is widely acknowledged and respected in and around Dallas as not only having the biggest-selling and most acclaimed independent rap album from Dallas ever (Tha Rippla), but as being one if not the best in an underappreciated Dallas hip-hop scene. I have yet to meet or have a conversation with a Dallas rapper or musician who does not respect or admire--even revere--the work and grind of Mr. Pookie and his partner Mr. Lucci, so just who are these "good rappers in Dallas" to whom you are referring, sir?

In any event, Sam, you'll be pleased to know that "Don't Test Us" is only the first single from Mr. Pookie's long-awaited Return Of Tha Rippla CD to be released January 24.

Keep observing, friend. Pookie will keep grinding and making good music for his fans and making new fans along the way.

Stephen McVea

New York

Editor's note: Stephen McVea is Mr. Pookie's manager.

Death of the Party

Repetitive, reckless behavior: I read two of Andrea Grimes' articles, and although I loved both, I particularly enjoyed the Highland Park article ("Rich Kids Behaving Badly," November 3). It is refreshing to see that there are more people who had a similar mindset as me in high school. I am a senior at Hockaday (sigh), and I am worn out from the mindless party scene night after night and the same repetitive, reckless behavior: It's just exhausting. I thought Ms. Grimes did an unbelievable job portraying the life of Highland Park partying. Kudos.

Name withheld


Phil's a Pill

Way off-base: OH MY GOD! Phil Haberman...I cannot believe what I have just read ("G.I. Jerk," September 1, and "No Shame," November 24, both by Glenna Whitley). I served in the USMC with this guy back in March 1991 in Millington, Tennessee. We were all aspiring helicopter and jet mechanics getting ready to be trained and sent into the real Marine Corps. Once I got to Tennessee, Haberman was the talk of the base, as he received leave after boot camp and went back home with many ribbons and medals and also war stories of all that he had been through. Fortunately for all of the good service members, someone saw this and passed on his fictions to the powers-that-be.

Brian Washington


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