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Validation, finally: Thank you so much for this story on the city's code enforcement department ("Kick Down," by Jim Schutze, June 9). To those of us affected by the constant ups and downs of the department, this article was very much overdue. My father was one of those honest, hardworking individuals accused of being lazy and actually reporting less citations than those written. These were merely addition errors and did not happen often, and yes, it should have been caught by a supervisor. My whole family felt the article was right on target. If Mayor Miller loves this city so much, she really needs to look at the company she keeps in City Hall and start supporting her civil workers. Has she forgotten most of them live here in the city? And don't we all work harder for the boss who stands behind us instead of constantly publicly criticizing us? It's a shame The Dallas Morning News is too biased to print an article such as this one. Again, thank you for the validation many of these city workers were looking for from the mayor's office and never received.

Olivia Uribe

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Ryan's Song

Maybe they thought they were at Bryan Adams?: I was the guy at the back of the Gypsy Tea Room last Friday screaming "Shut up!" to people insisting on yapping their flaps while Ryan Adams was doing his best to emote a tender country ballad over a room bellowing with chatter, yackety-yak and cackling. Having seen Ryan a few times this year, I could tell he was getting pissed. Ryan finally stopped playing and spoke up. "You know, I keep hearing some guy yelling 'Shut up!,' and he's right. I mean, what the fuck?! If you didn't come to hear a show, then get the fuck out so other people actually can!!!" He went on to berate the frat-house crowd before walking off stage, declaring it the end of the first set. Yet the chitchat, lipstick banter and cackling continued throughout the night, much to the disrespect of artist and fan alike. As a result, songs were reworked to include the band in numbers that had previously just been Ryan playing alone with an acoustic guitar, singing into a bullet mike in other cities. The show ended comparably early without encore, and music fans lost to jabber better reserved for sports bars.

Lance Courtney

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Getting Intimate

Comin' 'round to Bend: Thanks to Sarah Hepola for featuring the Bend Yoga Studio's Intimate Evening Series ("Learning to Bend," June 16). Owner Ally David has created a sacred space for artists and music lovers that is a soulful respite from the overly shallow and image-conscious city we live in. If you love music and art, The Bend is the place to be. And, unlike most popular venues around town, the floors and bathrooms are clean, and the air conditioning works. I wouldn't necessarily call the series "hippy dippy": What's wrong with wanting to be comfortable when you're enjoying yourself in your free time?

The Bend respects art and creativity in a way that is often absent in Dallas. The visiting artists are incredible individuals who work hard to stay independent and create. It is so refreshing to be privy to that.

Anju Gill


Preservation Society

Austin charm monopoly disproven: I used to be one of those folks from Austin who secretly felt superior to Dallasites (even though my mother and her family are from Dallas!) because, well, you know, I'm from Austin. In the past couple years I have discovered through friends some beautiful neighborhoods in Dallas that countered my dislike of the suburbs. Recently I had the pleasure of visiting a friend in her new home near the Bishop Arts District in South Dallas. I'm infatuated with the charm of the neighborhood, the beautiful old homes and the friendly residents. The article "This Teardown Town" (by Robert Wilonsky, June 9) is very timely to me, and I appreciate the education about preservation issues in Dallas. I wish success to those individuals profiled in the article who value the history of the city, and look forward to visiting again and often!

Bethany Wofford


Pandora's Box, Opened

Critiquing the critic: Now tell me, aren't you supposed to be critiquing the restaurant instead of bad-mouthing it ("Popping the Lid," by Mark Stuertz, June 2)? None of your statements are even near true. I just think you're sad and pathetic and must have been malnutritioned when you were little so everything in your life is bad. And it's not "cat piss"; it's called "cat's phee." Can you not read? You're a writer, and you're illiterate. Next time you go and dine at a restaurant and decide to jot down some notes, try making it factual, idiot.

Linda Lock

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Badu Behavior

Talkin' 'bout revolution: Over the last months, letters to the editor have heaped criticism upon Erykah Badu and alleged anti-white comments made during a show at the Black Forest Theater (Letters, March 31 and April 14). I've attended many shows at the venue with performers such as Dead Prez, Musiq, ?uestlove and, most recently, George Clinton. I'm African-American, and the crowds are mostly African-Americans, but an ample number of Caucasian, Latino and Asian fans routinely attend. I always remember Ms. Badu conducting herself in a professional manner. The times when she would address the audience, I never heard anti-white or pro-violence rhetoric. There was a vibe of collective peace within a non-threatening atmosphere. I believe Ms. Badu uses the word revolution as a call for positive change in attitude and more tolerance between Dallasites regardless of color. Rarely has a Dallas-reared artist of global acclaim such as Ms. Badu been as proactive in revitalizing the southern sector.


Brian Carr

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