Secret Machines: All You Need is Bono

Josh Garza, drummer for the beloved Dallas-to-NYC band Secret Machines, gave an interview to the U2 fansite Interference.com, during which he talked up the band's forthcoming album (Ten Silver Drops) and, of course, what it was like to open for U2 in Mexico last month during The Vertigo Tour. During the chitchat with Carrie Alison, the site's editor, Garza dropped this interesting bit of tid:

"There's a movie coming out, Across the Universe. Julie Taymor's making a movie, a musical, with The Beatles' songs and we did "I Am the Walrus" and Bono sang it. We didn't really get a chance to meet him. We recorded the music and then sent it to him as they were on tour in Canada and he did the vocals in Montreal. So he was already kind of familiar with us. He's doing a movie, singing the song and you know it's going to come up—'Who's this band?' And doing The Beatles in general is pretty difficult, it's almost like you don't do that, you don't cover Beatles because it's The Beatles and, on top of that, it was 'I Am the Walrus,' which is a difficult psychedelic song that they already pretty much perfected.

So when it came up there, we just talked about that recording and there was talking about us maybe doing some more songs for the movie because Julie ended up liking the song, the way it sounded and Bono I think gave us some mad props. So we talked about that, we were like, hey, maybe we'll do some more songs, telling him thanks for making us sound good and he was like, 'Man ...' He was thanking us for making him sound good. It was really cool. So I think we bonded like that on a weird musical level, like we were musicians as opposed to him being Bono and us being this band he doesn't know from a hole in the ground."

Across the Universe is scheduled to open November 3, and it could be terrific (Taymor did Titus and Frida) or just awful (it was written by the guy who did the Judge Reinhold-Fred Savage role-reversing comedy Vice Versa...no, really). In other Secret Machines news, even though Ten Silver Drops ain't scheduled to hit the bins till April 25, you can actually buy it this very moment from iTunes. The fellas are nice that way. --Robert Wilonsky

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