See, Strips Clubs Are Good For the Economy

Dunno why Mayor Mike Moncrief and the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport board are so stimulated to keep that new Rick's Cabaret from getting its TABC on; don't they know that girls, girls, girls getting that cherry pie hot in herre all night long is good for the coffers? Says so right there in The New York Times, where lawyer-turned-fabulist Ben Fountain -- heretofore tasked with surveying on the paper's behalf the state o' the economy from Highland Park Village and the real estate section -- draws a significantly better assignment: hanging out in The Lodge's Wine Cellar with owner Dawn Rizos.

Long story short: Neither Rizos or manager Michael Precker, the former News-man who moved up in the world, can think of one out of Dallas's some 40 gentleman's joints that has shuttered during the down economy. Then Fountain, who tries to pass himself off as a table-dance "neophyte," asks: How did Dallas become a topless-joint capital, anyhow?

"Because we're in the Bible Belt," said Ms. Rizos. "There's a church on every block, and men just like to sneak around. Most of our customers are married men. They get a little bored with their wives, they can come in here and get some flirtation, our girls make them feel good and special, then they go home and feel so guilty about it that they treat their wives really nicely."

"It's very Baptist," she continued. "If you're going to give up sin, you got to sin."

Then Ben went to The Men's Club to make sure.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.