See, This Is Why We We've Stopped Leaving the House Altogether

City Hall clearly didn't want a repeat of the Texas-OU towing fiasco, which is why it had extra parking enforcement officials out and about Fair Park today for the Cotton Bowl adios. After the jump, the city's media release documenting the 10 citations doled out to folks directing game-goers into parking lots that weren't theirs.

And, in other New Year's news, looks like Latrina Woods did not have a good New Year's Eve at all. Says this Dallas Police incident report, at 10 minutes past midnight yesterday, she was "injured by a falling bullet." In Deep Ellum. --Robert Wilonsky

City Cites Illegal Parking Operators at AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic

DALLAS, January 9, 2009-- City of Dallas parking enforcement personnel issued 10 criminal citations to illegal parking operators at the AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic today. The range for these citations is $250 to $1,000.

Dallas parking enforcement manager Paul Curington said, "Our emphasis today was to be proactive: we wanted to make sure no one was operating an illegal parking lot. At past football games, it was the illegal operators who caused problems because they were waving people into parking lots that they were not authorized to operate."

Citations were written for operating without a permit or not displaying a permit as required. Of the 10 citations, 8 were issued for not having the required permit for operating a parking lot within the designated "crown" of Fair Park and two were issued for not displaying the required permit.

According to the Dallas Police Department, no vehicles were towed.

In addition to parking lot monitoring, parking enforcement personnel also wrote 13 parking citations for various violations such as parking too close to a hydrant, parking on an unapproved surface, and parking at a no parking no standing sign.

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Robert Wilonsky
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