See You Tonight, Brobocop?

Shame I only just found out about Sir Mitchell's newly released Brobocop tee; I woulda have worn it tonight, as it's no doubt much more comfortable than this helmet I espied on eBay. Ah, well. Next time. Oh, right, there won't be a next time. Tonight's screening of RoboCop in front of OCP HQ, otherwise known as Dallas City Hall, is a one-time-only wingding, the debut of our see-it-where-they-shot-it series that'll keep popping up when and where you least expect it.

A few things about tonight: Food trucks roll up at 7:30 p.m., and I've got a list of some of the participants: Nammi, for the banh mi enthusiast; Gandolfo's New York Deli, should your tastes lean instead toward a pastrami on rye or a Nathan's hot dog; and Enticed's "mobile gourmet shaved ice hookup," which has its many fans. 'Round 8:30ish, the movie starts -- and, really, if you haven't seen RoboCop, I beg you to leave the kids at home. Do bring chairs and blankets though. And be on your bestest behavior: Mayor Mike may stop by.

And for those who may be wondering why the fuss about showing RoboCop in front of City Hall, a video on the other side explains everything.

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