This is the mayor of Hereford. The one on the right, that is. Though in a town with a crap factory, ya never know.

Sex & Bull

Just as the ground-breaking festivities were concluding for Dallas-Based Panda Energy's new manure-powered ethanol plant in Hereford, a producer for Geraldo Rivera's Geraldo at Large was stalking the grounds. Geraldo had wanted to drop in earlier, but he got into a snarl in Florida doing a story on billionaire sex fiends, or so Panda spokesman Bill Pentak said. Anyway, Geraldo was parachuting in to Hereford to do a story on the poop plant scheduled to air this weekend on KDFW-Channel 4. And no wonder. Hereford mayor Bob Josserand, master of the ground-breaking ceremonies and a large feedlot operator himself, declared cow crap very sexy. How very Geraldo. --Mark Stuertz

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