This is what the Arcadia looked like till about an hour ago.

Shalom, Arcadia

Dallas Fire-Rescue Lt. Joel Lavender just talked to Sam, who's on the scene at the Arcadia Theater fire, and told him the second floor of the Arcadia just collapsed into the first floor. That means Dallas Fire-Rescue will not send any firefighters in until they have the fire under control because they're worried about further cave-ins. "We're doing everything the fire is allowing us to," Lavender says. He also confirms Sam's initial report that the fire began at Nuevo Leon at 4 p.m., but they don't yet know what caused it. Also, no injuries have been reported. And in order to keep folks hydrated, including just the random bystanders, Teppo employees are wandering the scene with cups of water, which is nice.

If you want to know more about the Arcadia, which is no more, visit this Web site, which has plenty of information about the 1926 theater originally built to house vaudeville shows and screen silent movies. In later years, of course, it would become one of Dallas' best live-music venues, with such acts as Nine Inch Nails, Cowboy Junkies, the Cure, Sonic Youth, the Butthole Surfers and dozens of local bands playing its stage. --Robert Wilonsky

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