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Share With Little T and T.O. Tonight

It's not even Thanksgiving, so why does it feel like tonight's gonna be a little Christmasy up in this piece? Maybe because Terrell Owens is gonna be in (well, near) my neighborhood tonight reading from and signing copies of the book we first told you about in October, Little T Learns to Share. He'll be at the Borders Books & Music in Preston Royal Shopping Center from 7 to 9 p.m.; hope he brings enough supplements for everyone. But if you can't make it, there's always his Saturday appearance at the SMU Barnes & Noble on Mockingbird Lane; he's there from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Bring him some leftovers; it's all about sharing.

The great Laura Watkins from BenBella Books, which is publishing the teensie tome, also sends word that not only will Owens read from and sign the book, but "there will also be a raffle at each store for an autographed jersey." People are also asked not to bring memorabilia. So leave your Sharpies at home. He's always got an extra, besides.

We were gonna make a few jokes about the whole shebang; then I read this and felt kinda guilty about it:

"But his latest endeavor in ink is his boldest — and certainly his most noble. It's also his latest effort to do right by children. Earlier this year, he launched the 'Terrell Owens Making of Champions Football Camp' in several Dallas-area locations. Beyond his altruism, Owens has a vested interest in these endeavors. See, he's a dad, too."

Then I kept reading:

"To how many children and of what age, Owens won't say ('I tend not to disclose that information; I'm a father and that's all they need to know'), but it's clear the author is walking a righteous path."

Then I took some painkillers and fell asleep while I was typing this. See you tonight, suckers. --Robert Wilonsky

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