Sheriff Lupe Valdez Is Not Going to Like This Web Site One Danged Bit

So, yeah, that race for Dallas County Sheriff isn't going to be interesting at all. Just one week after the Dallas County Republican party posted a video in which a chicken taunts Sheriff Lupe Valdez's supporters in front of a fund-raiser, a Friend of Unfair Park sends word there's now a Web site devoted to dethroning "The Queen of Incompetence." Only, it's impossible to tell who's behind Off With Her Badge and the "Stoopid Loopy" caricature; there's also no disclaimer.

But Peggy Lundy, spokesperson for Republican challenger Lowell Cannaday, says his campaign has "absolutely nothing to do" with the site.

"I got that yesterday," she tells Unfair Park. "And we were shocked. I got it from someone that works in law enforcement. And I said, 'Oh, my, where did this come from?" She also doesn't believe the Dallas County GOP had anything to do with the site, which uses this infamous photo from Abu Ghraib to describe conditions in the Dallas County Jail with the caveat, "Well, it's not that bad, but pretty close."

Dallas County GOP chair Jonathan Neerman says he too saw the site for the first time yesterday and tells Unfair Park, "We are not involved" with the site.

"And if I was, it would be a Federal Elections Commission violation, because there's no disclaimer," he says. "And, come on, the Abu Ghraib picture? I have more wit than that. Somebody brought my attention to it yesterday from the Cannaday campaign asking if we were behind it, and I said, 'No, not us.' Thank God. We stick to poultry jokes." --Robert Wilonsky

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