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Dallas' Zayra Alvarez is outta contention to join Supernova. We'd offer her our sympathies, if only we could figure out how that's supposed to be a bad thing.

She's Gone

Those of you watching Rock Star: Supernova last night know that Zayra Watch 2006 has come to an end.

After fighting to perform an original tune Tuesday, a Spanish-language ditty titled "Lluvia De Mar," Lady Alvarez was relegated to the bottom three. Last night, she pulled a pitchy but rousing performance of Blue October's "Razorblade" out of her ass. She growled, she screamed, she howled, and she tried a bunch of other stuff that caused Supernova to praise her willingness to take a risk, but ultimately give her the "Tommy-hawk." I may have railed heavily upon ol' Z in past posts, but I have to give her credit for two things: Her original piece was flawless (she really should stick with her language and style, because that's when she blossoms), and when she lost, she was absolutely gracious. With a slightly teary eye, she thanked the band for the opportunity to be on the show, showed a little humor when she joked that even she didn't know how she stayed on that long and bid a humble farewell to her fellow rockers. For the first time I say, Well done, Zayra.

So now we move to P&D Watch 2006. Former Dallasite Patrice Pike also landed in the bottom three after a less-than-zesty version of The Police's "Message in a Bottle," but she saved herself last night during Hole's "Celebrity Skin" with an energetic tour through the audience, a jump off the contestant platform and by finishing the song right in front of her prospective bandmates. They were surprised. So were we. For the first time, we weren't bored.

Houston's Dilana received the honor of being the first rocker chosen to perform with Supernova on a song to be released on their already-recorded-just-waiting-for-a-singer album. We have no idea what it was called, but the diminutive powerhouse rocked her multi-colored locks off. In the weeks to come, each remaining contestant will get their song with Supernova, but in the words of Dave Navarro, "As if it didn't already suck to follow Dilana..."

In other news, I'm totally aware that I watch too much television, so I'd just like to say: If only Alison hadn't been booted from Project Runway. Of course, a wonderful new challenge for the remaining designers would be to redesign all of Zayra's stage outfits. --Merritt Martin

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