Shine On, Golden Warriors

You know who I miss? Corn Mo. And if you miss the gone-to-NYC Dutch Treat as much as I do, go to his Web site and download a handful of tracks, including the immortal Kevin Von Erich trib "Shine On, Golden Warrior," which I do believe appeared on one of our Dallas Observer Scene, Heard compilations a long, long time ago. Or just watch the following video, during which Corn Mo slow-jams the shit out of Bon Jovi's "Never Say Goodbye."

Oh, and speaking of slow jams, did you know Erykah Badu's gonna be, like, hosting a gig and most probably performing at Minc Lounge Sunday night, starting at 8:30 p.m.? And did you know ?uestlove of The Roots was gonna be there? (The Roots are playing the Gypsy Tea Room on Monday night, natch.) Well, now you do. Fifteen bucks. Just try and beat it. You can't. Not even with a stick.

And since we're doing the dot-dot-dot thing this a.m., here are two other things you can snatch out of the ether: some rare Toadies covers (including a version of Gary Numan's "Cars" that was news to me) and a few Tripping Daisy tracks from Jesus Hits Like the Atom Bomb posted by some nostalgic soul who believes it the band's lost masterpiece. But only because, well, it kinda is. --Robert Wilonsky

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