Show Up, 3/29/06

For once, Wednesday night is completely and totally loaded with quality concerts. Three great shows were already previewed in last week's music section: Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins, Percee P and some old Dinosaurs. Jenny Lewis is sold out (though I just got confirmation that 15 tickets will be made available at the door, so if you're desperate, go get in line right...now). For everyone else, the latter two are underappreciated legends in their respective genres, and while most won't have trouble picking between old-school rap and pre-grunge power, I'm wracking my brain to pick one of the two.

Not helping matters is a show I received word about only a few days ago, in which the Baptist Generals finally come out of hiding (and lead General Chris Flemmons' recent illness) to headline a farewell concert for Denton's Art Prostitute Gallery, which moves to Deep Ellum in a few months. The send-off at Hailey's also includes performances by Ashley Cromeens and Scott Porter of Record Hop and The Dust Congress, a Denton band that sounds plenty fond of the Baptist Generals themselves. Why must promoters book so many good shows on the same night? Decisions like this can ruin my day; I might stay home and watch my newest DVD purchase instead. -Sam Machkovech

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