Show Up, 4/20/2006

Broke as a joke? Good Records feels your pain with a late in-store line-up tonight. Touring acts Cordero and Koufax play at 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. respectively--they don't even have gigs in the area, so this free show is your only chance to catch either of 'em. Dallas' Blackheart Society (who will have their new EP for sale) and Baton Rouge's Always the Runner open; music starts at 6 p.m. None of these bands are must-see, and there'll be no free beer or food at the show (that I know of, at least), but this is a good reason to a) visit the new, bigger and better Good Records, b) enjoy some free music without having to drive far and c) take a chance on Koufax. I caught the Midwest quintet when they opened for Chomsky at Rubber Gloves more than a few years ago, and while their albums are ho-hum, they rip up a live stage real nice.

And if you've got a few bucks and are anywhere near Denton tonight, you've got a tough choice to make. Rubber Gloves hosts Grand Champeen, Austin's greatest Replacements replacements, while Dan's Silverleaf lends its stage to Chicago's Fruit Bats. Maybe, JUST maybe, Fruit Bats will go on early at Dan's; if so, a double-header is highly recommended. -Sam Machkovech

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