Show Up, 4/28/06

OK, look, I know you've seen the Tah-Dahs, like, a thousand times. But they were good, like, a thousand times, right? Their infections poppy punk (not to be confused with pop-punk) kinda made you bounce a little bit, didn't it? And you weren't embarrassed, because everybody else was bouncing too.

The 'Dahs are headlining a sweet lineup with two Austin bands at the Cavern tonight, and if you're not scared of a little namby-pamby widespread hail, I suggest--nay, I insist--that you arrive in time for openers Single Frame. Their haunting indie-punk will perfectly compliment your overpriced Cavern drink.

But the show's real draw is probably The Arm, who canceled a Darkside Lounge show last month in deference to the Wall of Sound Festival organizers. I watched them play to about five people at WoSF--a tragedy--which means most of Dallas probably hasn't had a chance to see them lately. I personally assure you that their half-sung, half-shouted lyrics and relentless guitar will be well worth the price of admission. --Andrea Grimes


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