Show Up, 6/6/06

Assuming you didn't get tickets to tonight's sold out Arctic Monkeys concert at the Granada (or even if you did), swing by Good Records at 7 p.m. to see a special acoustic performance by the pAper chAse. Yeah, I know, the words "special acoustic performance" are enough to send most people into convulsions, but no band transforms as amazingly as these guys--maybe it's the additional cello, or singer John Congleton's much-improved voice. Could even be that unbelievable songwriting sense, whose maturation is most evident in Now You Are One of Us, the album that sees release in stores today and a feature article in the Dallas Observer tomorrow. Whatever it is, these guys have found new life in their semi-rare acoustic shows; free midweek gigs don't come more can't-miss than this. -Sam Machkovech


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