Sidewalks Still Clogged by Storm Debris? You're Not Alone. Just Give It a Month.

Maybe you missed it Saturday, when I pointed your direction to First Assistant City Manager Ryan Evans's memo warning the council that, sorry, but storm debris cleanup would take till April 10, not March 15 as originally guesstimated. (He blamed it on "residents [continuing] to set out additional limbs and brush from the snowstorm" one month ago.) And now, warns City Hall, bulk-trash pickup's running a week behind. Which is why City Hall has sent out this "Storm Debris Collection Map," which, they say, will be updated on the city's now-working Web site every three days and is intended to show that, look, we're on it.

Sanitation Services assistant director Ron Smith says in a press release that crews have already picked up more than "10,000 tons of storm damage" -- which sounds like the title of an indie film -- and should finish with three times that amount come April 10. "We've been through about half of the city's neighborhoods and are hustling to get the rest collected," he insists. "Our crews are working long hours and weekends to make sure that every neighborhood is served and that we get back on schedule as quickly as possible."

The map, incidentally, was made by Sanitation Services second assistant to the deputy director, Hermann Rorschach.

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