Since U Been Drinking

On Wednesday night, Kelly Clarkson was at a club on the Sunset Strip. And, from the looks of it, she was very, very drunk--on Chivas out of the bottle, which only proves my point that she is indeed ready to become the future second Mrs. Wilonsky. Till then, here she is on a stage with Yellowcard singer Ryan Key and a band called Metal Skool, a cock-rock-hair-metal cover band that pretends it's all just a screw-off giggle but can't hide the fact it takes this stuff very, very seriously. The Guns N' Roses cover performed here is pretty awesome; there just isn't enough of it. (This video's 10 minutes, but I wish it would last...forever.) But the video does prove two things: Clarkson really ought to cut a hard-rock record, and she really needs to check for what appears to be an entire team of cinematographers whenever she chooses to get wasted and hop on a stage with Whitesnake wannabes. She's "makin' her image more fuckin' edgy, bro." If we were ESPN, we would deem this an instant classic. --Robert Wilonsky

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