Harwood International's Gabriel Barbier-Mueller has a new pet. Doesn't make a mess -- how Swiss.

Since When Is Uptown a "Cowtown"?

Till this morning, I'd never heard of "Harwood, Dallas." Didn't know such a place existed -- but, gee, sure sounds magical. Then I read this media release concerning a Friday-morning event involving the installation of 20 "Swiss Cows" along 17 blocks of Uptown property, and now it all makes sense. (Or ... does it?)

Seems Harwood International, so named for its HQ sitting at 2828 Harwood St., wants to brand the area over which it has almost total control. And the 19-year-old company is run by Swiss-born Gabriel Barbier-Mueller, a graduate of SMU. So, see, Swiss cows. That say "Harwood Dallas" on them. Genius. As Schutze asks, "Why cows?" Um ... As Schutze answers, "Because branding dogs would be cruel?"

The unveiling of the cows -- also the best of the early Pink Floyd albums, easily -- will take place Friday at one of Harwood International's properties: the Marie Gabrielle's garden, the site of many debauched wedding, looks like.

But they'll be scattered throughout the area, including near Jim Schutze fave Azure and the just-announced Saint Ann Court and the Jones Day Building. Hmm, wonder how heavy they are? --Robert Wilonsky

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