Skate the Cedars With Al Coker

Back in August, Patrick Michels graced the cover of the paper version of Unfair Park with this great cover story about skateboarder and real estate developer Al Coker's private Guapo Skillz Center, banished to a slice of the Cedars ("near where Akard Street dead ends at Corinth in a collection of DART tracks, empty lots and anonymous industrial misfits") after city officials showed no interest in getting involved in a public skate park. YouPlusDallas has just posted its own look at Guapo hosted by Coker, who celebrates his 50th year on a board come 2012. As Patrick wrote last year:

Since it opened in late 2008, Guapo is the place where mangled old ex-pros drop in with tremendously talented kids who flat-out fly around the bowl but who, out of respect to skater culture, gladly play the grommet -- the low man on the totem pole -- in the presence of boarding royalty.

Now, if only I knew where Mom put that Powell-Peralta I bought at Valley View in '79.

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