Skating is For Wussies

Kids these days are pretty lame, a fact made evident when you go to YouTube and type "Dallas" into the search engine. The results include a kid named Dallas twitching his head and some dumb girls descending into a local parking garage, among other brilliant pieces of cinema. A refreshing exception in YouTube Land is McKinney's own 16-year-old Andrew Reyna and his buddies, who spend their free time jumping, climbing and flipping over various pieces of Dallas architecture without helmets, padding or any apparent sense of fear. It's the kind of thing that looks like it should be making somebody's mom very nervous.

To me, it looks like what we used to call "freestyle walking" in the olden days. I stalked Reyna on MySpace, and he corrected me: "It's a thing called 'Le Parkour,' or Freerunning. Technically, it's a discipline/sport where you go from point A to point B in a straight line, moving throughout the obstacles in your path with the highest amount of speed and fluidity." Very... chi...or whatever.

Reyna and his friends have been getting their Parkour on for about two years now, and they're about to release another sweet video. Stay tuned. --Andrea Grimes

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