We're not sure if this will protect you from infectious diseases at the gym, but it will keep people away from you.

Skin Infection or Rock-Hard Abs? Hmm.

You needed, like, one more reason not to go to the gym today, right? Good. Because I've got one. Turns out--shock of shocks--getting fit in a public workout facility makes you sick. Something about loads of people sweating and germing all over equipment hundreds of people touch every day.

According to an infectious disease specialist Dr. R. Doug Hardy at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, going to the gym could result in "fatal skin infections." Want more scary predictions? Read the full article.

The best bit comes in this handy tip at the end: "Hardy urges gym users to follow federally endorsed health guidelines, including...using a barrier such as clothing or a towel between your skin and shared equipment."

And to think, all this time I've been riding the stationery bikes bare-assed. Awkward.

Looks like it's the Total Gym for me. Sign me up, Chuck! --Andrea Grimes


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