The Limes

Slider Pines and the Sorta-Sparrows Connection

Regarding yesterday's post about Slider Pines, a dear Friend of Unfair Park's, who possesses one of the sweetest voices in town, sends us this reminder concerning Slider Pines frontman Joey Shanks: "You probably already know this, but Joey used to front a band with Ward Williams and Carter Albrecht called the Limes." Yes, indeed, I did know this, but neglected to mention Shanks' connection to Sorta and Sparrows. Here's an interview with the band from 2000; and here's some info about and preview tracks from the band's album Turn Your Lights Off, which is still available for purchase on iTunes. Writes our Friend:

Joey wrote the songs for [the Limes] too. It was one of my favorites. I still listen to the album, and it's still on regular play at the Barley House. I was super excited when Joey moved back to town and started Slider Pines. It had been a long time since we got new Joey songs. Carter and I had a more than one conversation in the last year about Joey's new project. So much talent.

Couldn't agree more. --Robert Wilonksy

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