Smells Like 15 Years Later

You probably don't know what yesterday was. I forgot myself till this morning, when I was looking for one thing on YouTube and came across something entirely different--footage of Nirvana performing "Smells Like Teen Spirit" at Trees in 1991. Got me to thinking that, yeah, that happened some time in October of that year; the 19th, turns out. I was there. A lot of people say they were.

I know only one other person who definitely was at the show: my old friend Jeff Liles, with whom I watched the commotion from the DJ booth perched above the bar. Jeff and I have different memories of the show that night--a concert that deteriorated into an onstage brawl that nearly spilled out into the audience when I gave Jeff a few bucks to play "Smells Like Teen Spirit" over the PA system during a lull in the action. But we'll never forget it, whatever it was.

I believe the footage used in the mini-"doc" below came from a camera Jeff set up behind the band; he used to do that a lot. Anyway, it tells the tale of what happened on October 19, 1991, better than any thing I can tell you about that night. So, happy 15th anniversary, Dallas. --Robert Wilonsky

Bonus Video: Nirvana performs at Trees, October 19, 1991


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