SMU Frat Bros Pee on Neighbor's Fence, Hurl Meat into His Yard over Noise Complaint

Timothy O'Connell did what anyone would do faced with a bunch of frat bros constantly telling him to "fuck off" and using his fence as a toilet. He got in touch with the local news -- WFAA in this case -- and let them do the rest.

As Jason Whitely breathlessly reports for Channel 8, O'Connell's trouble with the boys from SMU's Sigma Chi started -- just as it did for Seth Rogan and Rose Byrne in Neighbors -- when he called police with a noise complaint. The bros who rent the house next to O'Connell on Ellsworth Avenue in the M Streets, apparently, were unhappy with this, as shown by footage captured with O'Connell's home security cameras.

One dude at the Sigma Chi brothers' house, upset with being unable to light the backyard grill, gives up and chunks a hunk of raw meat into O'Connell's yard. Another stumbles out of the house and pees on the Sigma Chi side of the fraternity and O'Connell's shared fence. Perhaps most galling, kids from the house carved "fuck you" into the snow in front of O'Connell's house last week, before returning to take pictures of their handiwork.

O'Connell, who does seem to see the humor in his situation to his credit, warned on Facebook that it could happen to anyone.

SMU issued the following statement in response to O'Connell's footage.

"SMU's Student Code of Conduct extends beyond the campus, and the University expects its students to respect the rights of others at all times and in all places. SMU regrets any inconvenience caused to Mr. O'Connell and will do its best to resolve this matter, working with the Dallas Police Department."

Update 9:24 a.m.: Whitely reports that Sigma Chi has suspended multiple active members and is considering further sanctions including fines and community service. An apology was also sent to O'Connell.

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