SMU to Show Off Its Giant Head Tonight

We first took a long, hard look at Jaume Plensa's Sho, otherwise known as the 13-foot-tall head that weighs 600 pounds, back in August, when SMU's Meadows Museum announced its acquisition. But the sculpture rears its lovely head tonight with the official unveiling as the Meadows reopens the redesigned plaza and sculpture garden at 6 p.m. Says The Official Release from high on the Hilltop:

The dedication launches a celebration of the Elizabeth Meadows Sculpture Collection with the exhibition "Face and Form: Modern and Contemporary Sculpture in the Meadows Collection." The new plaza will feature a permanent installation of monumental sculpture from the Elizabeth Meadows Collection and the Meadows Museum by artists such as Jacques Lipchitz, Henry Moore, Isamu Noguchi, and Claes Oldenburg. ...

Santiago Calatrava's Wave, already a fixture of the plaza's southwest corner, can now be viewed from above from a terrace donated by Richard and Gwen Irwin in honor of his parents, William and Florence Irwin. A staircase, which can be approached from each side, will help integrate the plaza with the rest of the campus, while a new fountain at its foot will greet museum visitors.
Calatrava's Wave, incidentally, is what most of Schutze's dreams look like. Speaking of, it's supposed to rain, what, four inches between tomorrow and Friday? Hmmm, I wonder where Jim'll be later this week. (That thing's still stuck on September 30?)

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Robert Wilonsky
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