Sneak Peek the Apartment Market While Looking Back at that Valley View Prediction takes a longish, hardish look at the Dallas's apartment market and says, yeah, that sure feels like the bottom, so let the good times roll in 2010. But locals who buy and sell multifamily units aren't sure this will be The Year of the Rebound: Says Will Balthrope in the local office of Marcus & Millichap, "There is very strong evidence that 2011 will be an outstanding year. We'll see maybe one more year of poor performance, then we'll see rents taking off. Investors understand that if they wait too much longer, the recovery will be underway, and prices won't be as good as they are now."

Which reminds me: said this time last year that, just maybe, '09 would be The Year Valley View Center Went Bye-Bye. Wrong. Only, when exactly did an Armed Forces Recruting Center set up shop in the mall? Sounds like tomorrow's field trip. Anyone care to come with? I need to hit up the Man Alive anyway. (Hmmm ... Man Alive, brought to you by Jimmy Jazz ... savior of Southwest Center Mall?)


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