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So Dean Foods Is Eliminating the "Schepps" Name in Dallas. Well, That Doesn't Seem Right.

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"Schepps" has been a brand name in Dallas since 1942, when Harmon Schepps started the dairy with a single truck that became a ginormous bidness since swallowed up by Cityplace-based Dean Foods. (Fun fact: Harmon was called to testify in front of the Warren Commission due to his friendship with Jack Ruby. You can look it up.) Which reminds me: Dean Foods yesterday sent word that it's eliminating the Schepps brand in Dallas; in its place, Oak Farms and only Oak Farms.

To some that's not big news at all; to others, like my pops, it's the end of an era. "That's kinda ... sad," says Big Hersch when informed of the do-over. Even Dean's chief marketing officer, Rick Zuroweste, acknowledges as much in the company's official release: "Dean Foods is proud of the Schepps heritage and this was not an easy decision. However, we are confident that the move to the Oak Farms brand in the Dallas area is the right decision for our company, our retail customers, and our consumers, who will continue to find the same great taste and quality in our products."

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