So, How Goes RE:Vising Dallas?

It's been a little more than a month since a few dozen urban planners, architects and city officials gathered at City Hall to discuss turning two blocks of downtown in a self-sustaining mixed-income "community," as part of RE:Vision Dallas. Ostensibly, the folks behind the project are off collating their findings as they ramp up the competition part of the process. But yesterday, Stacey Frost, who's behind the whole endeavor, spoke to Treehugger about what RE:Vision Dallas is -- and what it's supposed to be. An excerpt:

We are very excited to see what sort of ideas and proposals are presented. We're especially excited because this is our first site-specific competition, and we expect to receive not only entries from students across the globe, but additionally professional and well-established firms. So the mix of ideas should be quite inspiring!

We're hoping that some of the entries will encourage others to realize the possibilities of sustainable development, and what direction our building industry can begin to move. We hope that this first city block in Dallas will prove to be an example of how cities should be approaching building, planning & developing for their communities, and that cities across the country will begin to encourage this type of development.

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