So, Last Night in Burbank, They Apparently Shot That Big D Pilot. Wonder How That Went.

So, odd coincidence. Was reading this morning about the governor making it a bit easier for out-of-state filmmakers to shoot in Texas when it occurred to me that Big D -- the Warner Bros. Television-produced would-be sitcom for CBS that's set in Dallas -- might ougtha be shooting its pilot right about now. And, sure enough, I came across this cached offer for tickets to a taping: Just last night at 8 p.m. C.S.T. on the Warner Bros. Burbank lot, folks got their first taste of what's no doubt a very high-larious interpretation of what it's like to live, yee-haw, in Dallas. A reminder of the plotline, for those trying to forget:

In this new CBS comedy set in Dallas, Deanna Dunagan plays a Texan Southern belle who welcomes her son back home from New York and meddles in his wife's life. The matriarch's daughter is a tad sensitive and thrives on drama.

From the looks of the most recent cast list, Missi Pyle and Chris Parnell are still there -- promising-ish. But there is this good news-bad news note for those of us struggling to find something decent to watch in prime-time: Andrea Anders has been added to the cast. She's Linda, incidentally, the love interest-slash-wacky sidekick on ABC's Better Off Ted, which, like all great and misunderstood shows, is posting submarginal ratings and no doubt on its way to premature cancellation, if we're to read anything into Anders's latest attempt to find a show better than ... lesse here ... Joey.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.