So, Matthew Morrison, Tony Romo and Erin Andrews Walk Into a Dinner Party ...

No doubt you were too busy to attend last night's Super Bowl shindigs. So once more into the breach -- or WireImage, which has invites to all the best parties. Like, once more, the private Audi Forum dinner party at the Rachofsky House, where Glee's Matthew Morrison found himself amongst Tony Romo, Chace and Candice Crawford (one of whom is marrying the Cowboys QB), the ubiquitous Cee-Lo, Lea Michelle and Erin Andrews among others.

We've got our own slide shows from last night's myriad parties, but on the other side, a few more photos from other shindigs and shenanigans -- including Olivia Munn's late-night shot at our city, Sarah Shahi, Cameron Diaz and A-Rod, Spike Lee, Mark Salling and ... hey, there's Rafael Palmeiro!

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