So Now You Can Yell "Scoreboard!" And Then Point at Your Own Scoreboard

Oak Cliff's all the rage these days -- I done seen it in the paper and everything. So, then, what better gift for the Cliffdweller real or wannabe than these classic scoreboards the Dallas Independent School District just put up for auction -- available as a pair at present for the low, low price of $50 (though with 13 days left, I'd expect the price to up, up and away at closing). I'd hang one above the bed. But that's just me.

Oh, and speaking of Schutze, yes indeed, he's heading to the Earle Cabell at 9 this morning to begin live-blogging from Don and Sheila Hill and D'Angelo Lee's sentencing, which is expected to last most of the day. Don and D'Angelo can get up to 95 years in the joint; Sheila, 65. So, then, this morning's contest: Whoever comes closest to guessing their respective sentences without going over gets a prize. Dunno what it is yet. Maybe a scoreboard.

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Robert Wilonsky
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