So, Says Here You Should Be Parking on the Continental Ave. Bridge By November 2012

Courtesy the city council's agenda for Wednesday, we have a little more information about efforts to turn the Continental Avenue bridge into a pedestrian park -- as in, how will that anonymously donated $10 million get spent, and when does the city expect to begin design and construction on the project.

On Wednesday, the council will finally accept the check from the Trinity Trust, which it'll place into something called the Continental Avenue Bridge Donation Fund, from which the city will be reimbursed whenever it spends dough on the project. First check (for $1,335,158 -- $208,158 of which is actually coming out of '98 bond money) is going to CH2M Hill for the modeling and design of the bridge. Here's the time line per the agenda:

Begin Design (Modeling for Corps & Continental Bridge) February 2010
Complete Design (Modeling for Corps) August 2010
Begin Design (Continental Bridge) March 2011
Begin Construction (Continental Ave Pedestrian Bridge) July 2011
Complete Construction (Continental Ave Pedestrian Bridge) November 2012
A CH2M Hill spokesperson is checking into further specifics; she's promised to call back when she knows more. I just hope they go with the design at top and not this one.

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Robert Wilonsky
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