The best parts of all city council committee briefings? The photos of imaginary bridges.

So, That Sylvan Avenue Bridge is No Sure Thing Either, Hunh?

While looking ahead at tomorrow's action-packed meeting of the city council's Trinity River Corridor Project Committee, we spotted something worth sharing early: this sneak peek at the Sylvan Avenue Bridge design, now a federal aid project estimated to run $48 million. Only, almost half of the money's not on hand -- meanwhile, the city's trying to decide whether to build it in phases and stages (love that record), which would allow Sylvan to remain open during construction, or all at once, forcing its closure and cutting off all kinds of access. But a budget shortfall could put off construction for two years -- and, notes tomorrow's notes, the bridge "needs to be ahead of Trinity Parkway, which begins construction mid-2010." --Robert Wilonsky

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