So That's the Statler Shroud?

Just drove by Main Street Garden to see how it was shaping up in advance of tonight's Official Grand Opening (promises the media release, there will be "a pyrotechnic ribbon cutting," which I think has something to do with the mayor, laser beams and his eyes ... not sure). And I noticed workers plastering the windows of the Statler Hilton with, well, what you see above -- in other words, the so-called "veil" we've been dying to see since July. If nothing else, it certainly matches the color scheme of the park, which, at present, smells a bit like ... fresh fertilizer. Another photo of the shroud after the jump, as well as one of the old PARK sign that used to adorn the garage that once stood on that very spot.

Update: As is mentioned in the comments, "DFWCRE8TIVE" took some photos of the park, the old Municipal Building (especially nice) and the Statler last night. They're posted here, on the Dallas Fort Worth Urban Forum.

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Robert Wilonsky
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