So, Wait, They're Gonna Show Star Wars on the Cowboys Stadium's Big Screen?

Just as I was getting ready to post photos from last night's Star Wars art shindig at The Soda Gallery, a Friend of Unfair Park sent word this morning: The Star Wars: In Concert tour is scheduled to land at the Death Star itself -- Jerry Jones's EnormoDome -- on October 23. (Tickets, matter of fact, went on sale yesterday.) Seems like quite the geekout: two hours' worth of John Williams's music from all six films performed by a live orchestra accompanying newly edited clips and C-3PO narration broadcast on a massive, specially constructed LCD screen -- and, one certainly would hope, on punters' latest favorite target, the HD screens hanging from the Cowboys Stadium ceiling. Also accompanying the tour: a ginormous collection of storyboards, models, props and what-nots culled from the Skywalker Ranch archives. The 6-year-old who lives in my house is tickled -- methinks he'll enjoy this more than he did Bob Dylan at a minor-league ballpark.

Which brings us back to last night's jam-packed gathering in Oak Cliff, the most crowded-with-kids art opening I'd ever been to -- which, just maybe, had something to do with the legion of Stormtroopers on hand (led by the shortest, stockiest Darth Vader in history). After the jump, a few photos from the quite-the-scene and some highlights of what's up on the pop shoppe's wall.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.