So, You Got Out of Journalism to Run The Lodge. How's That Feel? "I Feel Lucky."

I exchanged a few e-mails with Michael Precker on Tuesday, after a brief mention in the Wall Street Journal blossomed into a miniature media feeding frenzy. Said the former Dallas Morning News-er who went to work managing The Lodge following the first round of Belo buyouts in 2006, "I figure I don't have much right to whine about talking to a reporter for an hour and then getting only a sentence or two that doesn't really provide much context."

Alas, that sentence or two has blossomed into a full-fledged feature this morning: "A Reporter Faces the Naked Truth," which has nothing to do with the Katy Trail. Turns out, Michael had to get the missus's approval before owner Dawn Rizos gave him the gig. Steve Blow, though, was shocked -- shocked! Oh, and Michael also reminded me Tuesday, "Tina's got a 12:30 lunchtime show on Friday if you're off deadline." That's Tiny Tina, by the way. But only if you're off deadline.

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