Some Dallas Professionals Are Getting Plenty of Bang for Their Buck

Whilst visiting Business Week for the item below, I came across a list on which Dallas scored pretty high -- and does so pretty often. The mag asks the question: "Are You in the Best City for Your Job?," by which it means, quite simply, are you getting the most bang for your buck at your profession when your salary's adjusted for cost of living? In Dallas, turns out, the answer's usually a hearty yup-yup.

At least, the city places in the top three amongst several of the the 20 professions ranked: architect (Dallas comes in at No. 1 with an average salary of $71,100); business development manager (No. 2, $101,900); civil engineer (No. 2, $74,200); dental hygienist (No. 2, $75,800); executive director of a nonprofit (No. 2, $71,300); information technology manager (No. 3, $90,300); marketing manager (No. 3, $73,300); mechanical engineer (No. 3, $81,000); paralegal/legal assistant (No. 2, $46,200); construction project manager (No. 2, $83,200); IT project manager (No. 3, $94,400); registered nurse (No. 2, $63,900); software engineer (No. 3, $89,300); and primary care physician (No. 2, $159,000). The only city that consistently fares better than Dallas? Houston. But who'd wanna live there? --Robert Wilonsky

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