Some People Are Inscribed in the Book of Life; Others to Write Names in Calatrava's Pipe

Sam dropped on my desk a memo sent Friday from Assistant City Manager Jill Jordan to the mayor and council members, in which she's inviting them down to the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge construction site on Thursday for a private whassup with Santiago Calatrava, who will "discuss the architectural aspects of the bridge." This private howdy-do, of course, is in advance of Friday's $150-a-pop Bridging the Trinity shindig, to which you're all invited, provided you pony up $150 a pop. Anyway, this part of the invite did catch our attention:

This is an opportunity to view the steel up close and to showcase the achievement and history-making event the building of this bridge represents for the Trinity River and Dallas by leaving your name inside one of the steel pieces.

So, of course, I had to call Angela Hunt (who, in case you missed this, recently shared her dislike for the bridge with the Calgary Sun) and ask her if she's be inscribing her name -- or something else -- inside the pipe. To which she responded, quite simply, "I will not be doing that."

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