Some Questions Over How Useful Google Maps' New Bike Trails Feature Actually Is

Bike Friendly Oak Cliff was the first locally to make mention yesterday of the fact Google Maps now offers bike trails -- that's the green line you see on the map at right. (Writes Jason Roberts, "It's a good way to see a birds-eye view of our trail system, and will hopefully help when plans develop to complete the comprehensive bike/ped map for the city.") But PC World blogger David Coursey, a Dallas native, takes one look at the map and finds it incomplete and, for now, not entirely useful -- at least not till that green line gets crowdsourced. For now, he writes ...

My hometown, Dallas, Texas, has 365 miles of signed bike routes on city streets and another 150 miles that are unsigned. All were suggested by cyclists and I have ridden many of those miles myself. Google Maps doesn't seem to know anything about these bike routes, showing only actual bike trails in parks.
Instead, he still recommends referring to the city's official Bike Plan -- which, as we mentioned a few weeks ago, is getting a total overhaul itself courtesy a Maryland-based outfit to which the city and the North Central Texas Council of Governments are paying $375,000. Coursey also has some other hot sports opinions concerning bike lanes, a most familiar and contentious issue.

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Robert Wilonsky
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